Hobbies Vs. Passions

My passion has always been writing. It’s the thing that keeps me up at night, the subject that my mind strays to when I’m at work and it’s what I spend my spare time and often my weekends, doing.

Sometimes people mistakenly refer to my writing as a “hobby.” Which is understandable. Except that my writing is also my dream. It’s the subject in which I hope to one day be successful, it’s important to me. So while I love it, it’s not always relaxing for me.

And hobbies should be relaxing.

That’s why I like to paint. Now, I’m no great painter, but it doesn’t matter because I find it fun and calming. And unlike my writing, if I screw up I can just throw the painting away, rather than spending hours agonising over how I can fix it.

I’ve been painting for over a year now, and it’s become one of my favourite things to do of a Sunday evening. I put on a film, lay out my paints and canvas paper and just get to it.

I think it’s important to have something in your life that you enjoy doing for the sake of it. Something that simply makes you happy and that you do without any intention of furthering any life goals.

And that’s why I like to paint. It’s fun, it’s soothing, and occasionally I’m even happy with the end result!

Like I said, I’m not Picasso or anything, but that’s kind of not the point is it?

Happy hobbying!

Rachel Writes


  1. It may be just a hobby for you, but I love the way color seems to feature so well in these paintings. That first painting especially just kills me with the reds and blues and everything limned in gold. Lovely!

    Do you find yourself painting from your writing at all, or is it a different facet of your imagination that you tap for your hobby?


    1. Thank you, that’s really sweet of you to say! I use lots of bright acrylics, I have dabbled in more “realistic” styles but it just doesn’t work for me for some reason…

      And that’s an interesting question, I’m not really sure tbh! I think on the whole it’s a different process, partly because there’s no pressure/stakes for me, and partly because I mostly paint things that I’ve either seen or been inspired by. Ironically the painting you mentioned is one of the few that I’ve done which is based on a piece of my writing, aha. It’s hard to paint stuff from my writing on the whole though, I get too frustrated when it doesn’t look exactly how I want it to!

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