We’re always moving, moving, moving
Jumping from place to place,
Rushing to see, to do, to be, 
Hopping from dream to dream.

Dreams that sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, 
Dreams that glisten and gleam, 
Resting oh so gently in our hands, 
And then, poof, gone!  Slipping through our fingers. 

We’re always moving, moving, moving,
Between wishes and wanderlust, 
Looking onward only onward, 
To see what the future holds.

We are perching, perching, perching, 
On the tip of a precipice,
Standing in awe, in excitement, 
At the life we get to lead. 

Living, living, living, 
In every way we can,
With love, ferocity and power, 
With family and with strength, 
With dreams on top of dreams,
Until the world ends.

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