Zero Drafts

I have written a book before.  I started writing it at sixteen, but only properly started writing it at nineteen when I realised in order to write a book you actually have to…y’know…write it, instead of just daydreaming about it in your head.   It was based around Hebrew mythology and the seven descendants of Lilith and their lives in modern day.  Each descendant represented a different sin.  I finished it at twenty-two.   It didn’t get published, obviously, but I’m still proud of it nonetheless. I think I grew as a writer in the three years that it took me to finish it.  The first draft to the final edit.  

Oh the first draft.  If you’ve just started a new writing project then you know the thrill of a first draft.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you; it will be a total mess. You’ll finish it, all happy and proud and then you’ll realise that there is still plenty of work to be done.  Many sentences will need to be scrapped or changed, many paragraphs and even chapters will need complete re-writing. But the thing is, you shouldn’t care as long as it gets done. 

I guess many writers have different processes and different ways of getting the words onto the page. Some will write and re-write the same paragraph and not move on until it is perfect.  I am not that kind of writer.  If I spend too long on a single paragraph the people around me will most likely be on the receiving end of an almighty hissy fit. Still, I digress…

I like to think of my rough draft as the bones of the story, only when it is finished will I be able to fully flesh it out.

Anyway, I am onto the next phase of my writing adventure!  A new novel, a new rough draft.  It is both daunting and thrilling.   

So let’s all put pen to paper, shall we?

Have a lovely day sweet things

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