Quarter-Life Crisis

I’m not going to lie, your early twenties are frickin’ awesome (for the most part!)   You’re still discovering yourself, the world is your oyster and generally speaking you are yet to acquire any real responsibility. 

Then something odd happens as you hit your mid-twenties.   You scroll through facebook and it’s no longer just a flood of drunk pics from the weekend or your friends from school soaking up the sun on their travels abroad.  Suddenly it’s mingled with photos of weddings and newly born babies.  

I am also guilty of this, last year at the age of twenty four, I got married!  (Which still seems a little insane to me.  It all sounds so adult, so grown up.  Like I’m this put-together person that has a direction and knows what she is doing with her life.  I’m a MARRIED FRICKIN’ LADY yet I struggle every damn day to find a matching pair of socks.) 

But here’s the thing, I’m married, I’m settled down and though in that area of my life I feel happy and content – accomplished even. In other areas I feel woefully…ill-equipped.  

I have a decent job, but not the career I want.  I’m writing, but I’m still not published.  I’m studying, but it’s going to be a few years yet ’til I have my degree. 

Yet some of my friends look at me, and they think I’m the one who has it all figured out.

So after speaking with my friends at length I have come to the conclusion that the quarter-life crisis is a real thing.  

We’re all in our mid twenties yet everyone seems to be in a completely different place. 

Some of us are settled down, getting married, having kids and the like.  Others are excelling in their chosen careers or finishing their degrees.  And some are off exploring the world and living in the moment…

The result being that when we look to our friends for conversation and advice we’re struck with the realization that they’re living a different life to us, and that’s jarring! Especially when these are people that we’ve grown up with and gone to school with.  It makes us question what we’re doing wrong.

The answer is nothing!  Ultimately we’re all doing what we want, or we’re on our way to it, or discovering exactly what it is that we want.

I think it also doesn’t help that it seems our generation typically has to work twice as hard to get half what previous generations had.  It adds to this feeling that we’re not succeeding.  That we should have it all figured out but don’t.

It’s okay.  There’s still time guys.  

Eventually we will reach most of (or maybe all) of our goals and then new ones will swoop in and take their place!  And that’s pretty magical! 

Have a wonderful day sweet things, 

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