Ideas & Shiny Things

Congratulations, you want to write a book!Β 

You’re dedicated, you’re hyped-up and excited, nothing can stop you now!  Except, y’know, writing a book is hardddd. 

The first step to writing a book is, of course, to find an idea.  And it can’t be a wet fish of an idea, it has to be a bloody peacock or a bloomin’ unicorn or something equally magnificent.  You may already have one and if so, that’s amazing!  If not, then you need to find one…

The best way, in my humble opinion, is to follow what inspires you.  Ask yourself, what are you passionate about?  What sparks a fire in you?  And most importantly what would YOU enjoy reading? 

Take a walk with your headphones in, re-read your favourite books to see what it was about them that you loved so much, make notes whenever you get an interesting idea – no matter how trivial!  Before you know it you will have the vaguest outline of a story…

And vague is good, you can always build on vague.

A bigger problem, I think, is staying committed to your idea.  In my experience ideas for a novel are a bit like buses.  You can be waiting for ages and then all of a sudden dozens of the blighters turn up at once.

I am not of the opinion that you should ignore new, sparkly ideas should they come knocking on your brain-door.  However, if you switch and swap every time you start writing…well, you will never finish a book.   

So here is my advice, get committed to an idea, just one.  Plot, write, edit and all that jazz!  Then when other pretty young plots and characters come shimmying up to your imagination, pause, write down the idea in a notebook and leave it there.  That way when you finish a project you have ideas already lined up for the next one, and you haven’t missed any buses.  

Have a wonderful day sweet things!

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