Hey there! Welcome to the world of a redhead with a caffeine problem.

I’m a writer – or at least I’m trying to be one. ย I spend my weekends wrapped inside my own head, plotting out novels and scribbling furiously into notebooks. ย 

I’m also a Crohns Warrior. ย And yes, I do mean warrior, I have all the battle scars to prove it! ย I’ve been living with the disease since 2015 and have been the proud owner of an ileostomy bag since February 2018.

Favourite things include; dogs, reading, TEA, the smell of the ocean, painting, travelling, funky art, post-it notes, laptops covered in stickers, kinder-bueno bars and people who use the word “indubitably” in a normal human sentence.

Currently living in the crazy-beautiful city of Brighton in England with myย wonderful husband and our tiny rat-dog. ย Oh, and my name’s Rachel.